What we do

Fruit puree 100% natural with no preservatives or added sugar, elaborated with raw material from Mendoza and Rio Negro, Argentina. They are processed under the most demanding international quality and food safety standards.

320 hectares of plantations

Peah, appricot, D’Agen plum and quince are grown with production methods that allow minimizing the use of agrochemicals, and drip irrigation systems that make the best use of water. Agricultural practices used in our crops are transmitted to our suppliers of raw materials.


Conventional and organic fruit purees, without preservatives. 100% natural. Apricot Puree, Plum Puree, Peach Puree, Pear Puree, Apple Puree, Quince Puree, Prune Puree, Squash Puree.

Quality standards

FSSC 22000 Seguridad Alimentaria. Kosher. Halal. Orgánico USDA-NOP. Orgánico IFOAM.

USDA Organic
Organic AR-UE
Halal Certificate
Kosher Certificate
IRAM / FSSC 22000

Production technology

Highly trained staff, new "CFT" technology (Rossi & Catelli), new production line, new sterilizer and concentrator, new buildings and expansion of our "Microbiology Laboratory", all of which are responsible for a production increase of approximately 70%.