Our products are elaborated with raw material from Mendoza and Rio Negro, Argentina. They are processed under the most demanding international quality and food safety standards.
Our purees are elaborated with the best raw material – fresh fruit picked when fully ripe, with no preservatives or added sugar, 100% natural with unique aroma and flavor. The production methods follow the best production and processing practices, using cutting edge technology.
Our products are elaborated in strict compliance with quality and food safety standards.
We elaborate conventional purees with low pesticide residues; organic purees, 100% natural, without preservatives.

Productos Fénix

Technical data sheets

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Production calendar

Due to our location in the Southern Hemisphere, elaboration begins in December and ends in June. We start with the production of apricot and we continue with Santa Rosa plum, peach, pear, apple, quince, D’Agen prune and squash. We work full-time during this period.

Calendario de producción